Proof of Attendance

Email Verification for the Meetings You Attend

You are responsible for understanding and following the proof of attendance process we have in place. Please read all information.

Some organization — perhaps an employer, an institution, a physician or a counselor, or maybe the law, for any number of countless reasons — has sent you to Alcoholics Anonymous to attend some meetings. They’re also asking you to provide proof that you attended (perhaps a lot of proofs). We don’t need to know why you need them. But we do need to get to know just a bit about you if we’re going to be asked to verify for your attendance. No worries though — we do ‘anonymous’ well.

One of the things you should know: A.A. groups are autonomous from each other. So this form is only for our group and only for our meetings. Our group — “Any Lengths” — hosts open, daily meetings beginning at noon (pacific time) and you are always welcome to attend. It’s good to be aware, and then also to remember, that both A.A. as a whole and A.A. groups individually provide attendance verification services entirely on a voluntary basis

The process we use to manage attendance verification, without the simplicity of face-to-face meetings (having no simple way to sign attendance cards), works quite well. However, we do tend to receive a lot of requests. And so, at times, they can take a while to respond to – taking a slice out of someone’s personal time to fulfill everyone’s needs.

Therefore, please do always allow up to 48 hours before sending us email inquiries as to why you have not yet received an email verification from us for any given day. And please do use the form on this page, but please do not submit multiple submissions for any meeting you’ve already submitted a request for. This only throws a wrench in the process and takes longer. Most often they will arrive promptly in your email inbox (also being sure to check spam folders before contacting us), but always allow up to 48 hrs.

Thank you!

Fill out & submit this form only once for each full meeting you attend. If you arrived late and left early, it is not verifiable. Please be aware that we do check so that we are doing our due diligence in providing these along with you by showing up and requesting them. ~Thank you.

IMPORTANT FOR FIRST-TIME USERS: Please submit only one request for each full meeting you attend. We visually confirm attendance of those members who need proof of attendance once we become aware of their need, especially those who attend our meetings often enough so we can get to know them. If you are new to us, or plan to attend only on occasion, it's important that you... email us as soon as possible at to get on our radar - our visual watch list. Otherwise, if we don't recognize you, we cannot confirm your presence at a meeting. Be sure also that your device name (on login) clearly identifies you. It's suggested in A.A. to display first-name, last-init. - example: Robert G.). After we are familiar with you, you've attended your first few meetings and exchanged emails with us, THEN you can use this form exclusively for attendance verification going forward. Should you have any questions or issues, or do not receive an email verification back within 48 hours, email us again directly. Always be sure to first check your spam folder.
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