Proof of Attendance

Request Email Verification for the Meetings You Attend
We continue to have a few people who come to a meeting for 10-20 minutes, leave and then try to use this form for attendance verification. Verifications are valid ONLY for full meetings attended, which means being on time and leaving after the meetings close. To avoid losing the privilege, please do not use this form for any partial meetings. For issues, please email Expect a 24-48 hour response delays at times. ~Thank you

You are responsible for understanding and following the proof of attendance process we have in place. Please read all information.

IMPORTANT FOR FIRST-TIME USERS: Please submit only one request for each full meeting you attend. We visually confirm attendance of those members who need proof of attendance once we become aware of their need, especially those who attend our meetings often enough so we can get to know them. If you are new to us, or plan to attend only on occasion, it's important that you... email us as soon as possible at to get on our radar - our visual watch list. Otherwise, if we don't recognize you, we cannot confirm your presence at a meeting. Be sure also that your device name (on login) clearly identifies you. It's suggested in A.A. to display first-name, last-init. - example: Robert G.). After we are familiar with you, you've attended your first few meetings and exchanged emails with us, THEN you can use this form exclusively for attendance verification going forward. Should you have any questions or issues, or do not receive an email verification back within 48 hours, email us again directly. Always be sure to first check your spam folder.
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