7th Tradition Contributions

“Every A.A. group ought to be fully self-
supporting, declining outside contributions.”

We are working in the background to secure a non-profit PayPal account, which takes a lot of preliminary steps. So in the meantime, we’ve set up a Zelle account for receiving donations from group members. You can easily use your own personal online banking account in most cases to safely and securely transfer weekly, bi-weekly or monthly donation amounts of your choice. All donations are accounted for and are reported monthly in our business meetings.

Please send donations  via Zelle to: anylengths7thtradition@gmail.com
(Please note that this is a recipient change, now to an account managed by our group’s Treasurer. Please remove the old recipient address, admin@any-lengths.org, from your Zelle recipients if you’ve made a past contribution and use this one going forward. Thank you!)

Estimated annual costs come to roughly $1,500, which include our domain name (any-lengths.org), website hosting, secure site (SSL), the Zoom platform, sobriety chips & shipping. We also intend to initially maintain a prudent reserve of $400. In addition to essential costs, we will want to begin making regular monthly donations to A.A.’s General Service Office (GSO) in New York.

Setting up a Zelle Recipient - Type in These Fields As Shown
Setting up a Zelle Recipient - Type in These Fields As Shown

Watch this short video to see how Zelle works to easily, securely and privately transfer your 7th tradition contributions directly from your account into our treasury, managed by our Group Treasurer.