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BIG THANKS to the 9 group members who showed up and claimed a seat in our monthly business meeting for October!

until our next business meeting

Visit this page for previous and upcoming business meeting agendas, general business information and access to minutes from past meetings. Use the form on the right to submit topics for an upcoming business meeting agenda.

Use this form to suggest an agenda topic for a future business meeting.

I'd like to suggest an agenda topic for the group to discuss at an upcoming business meeting...
It's helpful for you to be in attendance at the business meeting to ensure the topic you are suggesting is accurately represented, but it's not mandatory or always necessary. If you can't make the meeting or feel someone else can better communicate the issue, it may be suitable for a proxy to represent it for you. If it's a sensitive topic, it may be better not having it associated with any one member.

If you checked the box stating your topic is sensitive and you wish to remain anonymous, leave the contact fields below blank and just click "send." DO still submit it for discussion and a group conscience, should it end up needing one. It is likely you're not the only member experiencing something if there's a clear need for it to be discussed.

Thank you!

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