Agenda Topics – September 12, 2020

Business Meeting - September 12, 2020

  • Treasury, 7th Tradition Status, reimbursements – Kris E
  • Sobriety Chips, Birthdays & Milestones – Deb & Colleen
  • Website Report – Pat
  • Meeting Chair reports
  • Tabled from last meeting: now that we have a treasurer and treasury, group needs to finalize a prudent reserve amount
  • Accept/Vote in new meeting chairs
  • Group Phone List (Sarah M) – for members, just like face-to-face groups have (split male/female)
  • Chairperson Email Contact List (Lori S) – for meeting chairs to have support pool to secure experienced back-ups when one can’t make a meeting
  • Move Business Meeting (Ken M/Pat D) to the last Saturday of each month to better align with bi-monthly service rotations
  • Format Edits:
    1. Non-AA Visitors(Ken M) – move the non-AA Visitor introductions to before AA intros so that AA intros are directly followed by AA birthdays/milestones rather than separated by non-AA Visitors
    2. Set 3-minute shares – It’s been difficult in most meetings to get people sharing; extending the time limit will help not only fill in the space but stop cutting people off with a timer when there are no burning desires on deck.
  • Breakout Rooms (Ken M) – should we form a committee to explore the use of Zoom’s breakout rooms during meetings for special situations