Agenda Topics – October 31, 2020

Business Meeting - October 31, 2020

    • Treasury, 7th Tradition Status, reimbursements – Kris E
    • Sobriety Chips, Birthdays & Milestones – Pat D (obo Deb & Colleen)
    • Website Report – Pat D

  • Tabled from last meeting: bottom out on prudent reserve
  • Reimbursements; getting our debts caught up
  • Status & implementation of chairperson back-up email list
  • Accept/Vote in new meeting chairs: Incoming Nov/Dec. rotation
  • Birthday Gals 6 mo. Term is Up: Rotation for new b-day lead to handle birthday & milestone chips, shipping and virtual 24hr chip emailing
  • Group Website is the Group’s Website – (proposal, Pat D) for a member’s area of our website where members can produce and post content (articles, art, blog posts, etc.) to a special area, possibly including both private and public areas depending on content
  • Expand Tech-Host/Meeting Host Role: (proposal, Ken M) We need to add and train a couple more “super-admins,” a role historically managed in the past by Pat D and then Ken M.