Agenda Topics – May 29, 2021

Business Meeting - May 29, 2021

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  • Treasury – 7th Tradition Contributions, Monthly Distributions & Reimbursements – Kris E
  • Sobriety Chips, Birthdays & Milestones – Kris E
  • Website Report – Pat D
  • Meeting Status – Meeting Chair Reports
  • Treasurer Backup (Kris E)
    • Wells Fargo help with linking accounts to set up back-up for Treasurer (Jack P)
  • Hospitals & Institutions (H&I)  accepting donations, or in need? (Jack P)
  • Online Intergroup accepting donations? (Pat D)
  • Long-term group service positions — discussion about back-up/alternate positions and appropriate titles yet to be determined
  • Origins& history of the group (Pat D)
  • General Service Reps in other online AA groups? (Laura M)
  • Service & Balance: Establishing a group guideline (limit-?) on the number of service positions any one person holds at a time
  • More Tech & Chat Hosts needed