Agenda Topics – March 27, 2021

Business Meeting - March 27, 2021

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  • Treasury, 7th Tradition Status, reimbursements – Kris E
  • Sobriety Chips, Birthdays & Milestones – Kris E
  • Website Report – Pat D
  • Meeting Status – Each Chair Reports
  • Group Logo update
  • Being allowed to share while driving (Pat D) – It’s come up several times where someone with a hand raised gets called on to share and it turns out they’re driving, using their phone to connect to the meeting. We don’t always know, but often their camera is fixed on them all during the meeting so it’s clear they are driving.
    • Should we make a blanket safety rule that meeting chairs should not call on, or accept, shares from people who are actively driving? Imagine how the group would react if that person, distracted, was suddenly in an accident that we witness.
  • Starting a Group Newsletter (tabled in recent business meeting)
  • General Health of Our Group & Meetings: Ongoing – any areas to discuss?