Agenda Topics – December 26, 2020

Business Meeting - December 26, 2020

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  • Treasury, 7th Tradition Status, reimbursements – Kris E
  • Sobriety Chips, Birthdays & Milestones – Kris E
  • Website Report – Pat D
  • Meeting Status – Tabled – vote in new chairs
  • Tabled from last few business meetings: bottom out on prudent reserve if reimbursements are completed (Kris E
  • Super-admin role, now a larger team – how training is progressing and are there noticeable improvements as a result of expanding  (Ken M) 
  • Implementation of chairperson back-up contact list, et al. (Pat D)
  • Expand an are of the Any-Lengths website for the members to write content, share art, poetry, thing sreative and/or useful to other recovering alcoholics.
  • General Health of Our Group – 9 Months in: Including attendance; volunteering for service; service  commitments expectations; pluses, minuses; any areas we can improve in both short and longer term.
  • Starting a Group Newsletter (introduced last business meeting as a topic for upcoming business meeting
  • TBD: please use the form link to above “Reports” to suggest topcs.